Thursday, October 13, 2011

365 more days!!

...well, technically it's 366, but that's because of Leap Year!

What an appropriate time to start blogging again.  Today's date has significant meaning to me.  It makes 1 year until I am Mrs. James Heatley.  Time has flown by since he proposed Christmas Eve 2010.  I sit here and wonder how quickly life does really pass us by.   The real whirlwind experience begins.

I apologize for disappearing from the blogging world.  My life has been beyond hectic since the last time I wrote.  I picked up so many hours at work during the summer to help put money into the wedding account.  Personal problems arose.  Those problems were pretty consistent.  It seems as if James and I can't catch a break.  We have stayed strong though.  It has brought us closer together.

A bit of good news is that I have a full time position as a Nurse's Aide now.  I get my health benefits, PTO, and most importantly - a steady income.  The only con to my position is that I am working night hours; three 12 hour shifts a week.  You would think I have enough time during the week to enjoy myself.  Heck no.  I feel so worn out and lazy half the time.  My schedule looks like this: Week #1: Monday, Tuesday, Friday.  Week #2: Saturday, Sunday, Thursday.  Three 12 hour shifts in a row is pretty exhausting.  I know I will get used to eventually though.  It has only been a little over a month.

Now do not mind my rambling and going from on topic to another.  My head is filled with so many updates.  Another piece of good news is that James and I have our own apartment.  We are waiting to move in November 1st.  We were not expecting to move because James still has jobs here and there, but it was a decision that will be the best for the two of us.  The only problem I have is that I had to dig into the wedding account to help fund this move because it was unexpected.  Everyone I have spoken to have said that things work out.  I am hoping this is true.

I have been filled with so many emotions lately.  Between moving and the wedding in a year, I feel very lost, nervous, and scared.  I have expressed these feelings to several people, but no one has seemed to understand.  I get told to relax and things will work out (this is a constant "reminder"), but I do not feel in control sometimes.  I worry that I will not have enough time, money, or energy to pull this all off.  Some days I wish I was superwoman.

Well, I suppose I have written enough for an update.  I can promise you though that I will be back with some new and fresh ideas on my apartment decor once I figure out my couch.  UPDATE: I bought my couch tonight a Value City!  It's so big and comfy. My goodness! There's so much space and enough room for three people.
So much to do, so little time.

Until the next blog,

"Miss Pumpkin Pie"

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