Monday, March 7, 2011

Oh, how planning and spending is a joy.

I ordered my first wedding related items on February 26th.  I spent $250 on:

  • Fuji Instax 210
  • Film for the camera (five boxes worth)
  • Two ring bearer cameras for my most adorable ring bearer
  • A special day kit for ring bearer
  • Raindrop flutes for both me and James
The Knot's wedding shop also threw in a free "Bride-to-be" tote.  I dig.  

I was so, so, so excited when UPS pulled up to the house today.  I was not expecting them until later in the afternoon.  I did a little dance, skipped, and waited for the delivery man.  The box of goodies was finally in my hands.  I could not get the box opened up fast enough.   I dug through the peanuts and pulled out each item and examined them.  I looked at everything lying on the couch and thought to myself "this is really happening.  This is for MY wedding."  I can only imagine how I will be when I try on the dress.  

So, dear blog followers, please share with me your first wedding items?  How did you feel?  Did reality sink in then or were you still on cloud 9?

Now for a quick update.  I have not been able to update because I was working Friday-Sunday.  I am up by 5 am and home by 3:30 in the afternoon.  By that time, I am usually spent.   So, if you are wondering where I am, my hiatus is most likely due to work.  

Anyways, I was looking forward to going to the Smithville Inn for a bridal show.  I decided the day of that it would not be best for me to go because the drive is about 30 minutes.  The bridal show was at an odd time of night (in my opinion anyways) and I was called to work Friday morning.  I usually lay down in bed by 9 so I get tired and am able to sleep the night.  I am disappointed that it worked out the way that it did, but I know there will be other opportunities as time goes on.  Hooray for bridal season!


  1. Ooh my purchase?? Oh I know what it was, well it was my dress but it was ordered so it was nothing tangible, it was the clutches for the BMs. I wasn't too excited at this but as i've bought more things for the big day i've got more excited.

  2. I think I was most excited because I had a new camera to play with!

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