Wednesday, March 2, 2011

And here's our draft.

Tonight is the night I finally sat down with my FMIL and fiance to figure out our guest list.  Obviously we won't know a final count until it's all said and down.  We also have a year or so to meet new people as a couple.  But this is giving us an idea of what we're looking at for now.

As you can see (though the picture is rotated on my computer, but different on here) - one side of the guest list is longer than the other.  The left side is those that I am inviting.  It's mostly family.  His side is family and a few friends.  We don't necessarily have mutual friends, but I know his friends and he knows mine.  That's about it.   I feel bad for some reason.  I'm not really sure as to why, but I feel like my guests are going to be dominating the day of the wedding.  I am hoping that as a year goes by, his list will grow with friends and possibly more family.  I know he has no worries about it whatsoever.  He's so laid back about a lot.  I love it.  This blog is just to share my feelings and sort of "vent" about it.  

The majority of us brides have anxiety over our guest list.  Who will come?  Who won't RSVP?  Will there be enough people, chairs, tables, etc?!  I think this is the only part of planning that I absolutely dread!  So, as the year goes by, I will find ways to prevent the anxiety and share it with you. 

So, ladies, I ask you.  Who invited more?  Or was your list pretty much even?


  1. Mine's the same as yours. But he's OK with that, I need my friends more than he needs his.

  2. Ugh...guest list. Mr.ST's mom and dad certainly invited more. Our list falls into three categories, my parents, his parents and our list. His parents have 125 people - as of right now.... Mr. ST and I have 10, hence the large bridal parties to ensure our friends would be invited. haha.

  3. James hasn't really said much about it, but I know him well. He'll just shrug it off and say "less money we have to dish out". Love that he's so laid back.

    We haven't figured out our parties completely. I keep nagging him about it, yet he just says "I don't know". That's when I hate that he's so laid back. Hahaha.